Common Lane Pygmy Goats


Hi my family and I breed pygmy goats on our small holding near York. I have a variety of nannies to breed from which all have been choosen  for there colours and characteristics which make them all fun and lovable to have, we also have  2 wethers in the bunch .


we now have five registered billy's all different colours hopefully ,to give us a good choice of colours in the kids


My nannies are all pedigree or from pedigree stock.


All of my goats are well handled, the kids make comical, lovable, interesting pets and are hours of fun!

we do have kids for sale during the year but Pygmy goats must be sold in pairs as they are herd animals, unless to an existing heard. kids are feet trimmed ,wormed and vaccinated before they leave and as always we are on the end of the phone for advise if you need it once your home or if you want to have a look before buying just call .


Thank you!

Deb and John


            kids now available feb 2022 

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